Welcome to IMPERFECT, a multi-fandom archive of fanfiction created and written by Misty Flores. Well, Misty tried to go into fandom retirement, but that didn't really happen, as you can see by the fiction that kind of piled up in her livejournal. While she was 'retired', Misty discovered slash, The L Word, SWAT, and just... well.. so many wonderful things that sucked her in, that her retirement went up in flames.

As a result, here it is. What she's written. What will be written. Until Misty tries again to retire or she actually gets paid money for doing what she loves. Or at least until she can figure out how to stop writing in the third person.

WARNING: this site IS graphics intensive. There is sex to be found. There is slash. There's het. While there are many fics to be found of a family friendly nature, if you're easily offended - watch the ratings AND the pairings.

ADDED 11/15/08


Patricia Potter -- The Devil Wears Prada
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She had insisted a long time ago to her ex-boyfriend Nate that Runway Magazine wasn't just about pimping fashion; there were damned good articles between those pages, and respected writers, and as a writer who was looking to get respected, it only made sense to submit an article via her literary agent under a pseudonym. (Miranda/Andy)

Ruins -- The Devil Wears Prada
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And then it got out that Andrea Sachs had been sleeping with Miranda Priestly for the better part of 10 months.. (Miranda/Andy)


Connect the Dots -- Women's Murder Club
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It's a little hard to focus on an increasingly fuzzy friendship when there's a serial killer on the loose. Set during the episode 'Never Tell'. (Jill/Cindy)

I Don't Need Anymore Friends -- Women's Murder Club
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This is how Jill Bernhardt meets Maureen and Clarence Mitchell; on the bed, with their daughter's hand tangled intimately in hers, in the middle of brushing a red bang away from Cindy's dry forehead. (Jill/Cindy)

Let's See How Far We've Come -- Women's Murder Club
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After a dog-sitting mishap, Jill shows up at Cindy's door. (Jill/Cindy)

And Isn't This Exactly Where You'd Like Me -- Women's Murder Club
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Cindy knows why the caged bird is really pissed off, when she's brought home to Lindsay's house to recover from her gunshot wound. (Lindsay/Cindy)

Sneak -- Women's Murder Club/Popular crossover
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multiparter - Murder, Pride Parades, hot brunettes and ill-fated hookups: like Lindsay Boxer didn’t already have enough to deal with. (Lindsay/Cindy, Sam/Brooke)

Project Wingman -- Women's Murder Club
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multiparter - Jill has plans to make Cindy her perfect wingman: she just has to get Cindy over that pesky 'hopelessly in love with Pete-Devoted Lindsay' issue first. Lindsay might just have a problem with that. (Lindsay/Cindy, Jill/Cindy implied)

Jill's Very Bad, No Good Day (aka Slow Spinning Redemption)-- Women's Murder Club
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Follow up to 'You Shook Me'. When you're the surprise upset, no one takes it well. (Jill/Cindy)

You Shook Me -- Women's Murder Club
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Follow up to 'Working Doubletime On the Seduction Line'. Jill and Cindy have rules regarding their meaningless sex. They get blurry. (Jill/Cindy)

Working Doubletime On the Seduction Line -- Women's Murder Club
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Jill and Cindy become roommates. Sex happens. (Jill/Cindy)


Merry Christmas, I Could Care Less -- All My Children
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Maggie, the former love-of-her-life, the one who Bianca had wanted to marry, the one that had cheated on her and ruined everything, the one Bianca was still desperately in love with (and becoming increasingly bitter about it), was currently in an expensive suite with her daughter and her live-in lover, Bianca's ex of all people, having a perfectly cozy romantic evening. Merry F-king Christmas. (Maggie/Lena, Maggie/Bianca)

Best Friends Means You Get What You Deserve -- All My Children
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One important lesson: it is easy, devastatingly easy; to hurt the one you love the most. (Maggie/Bianca)


Bright Lights -- The Facts Of Life
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When Blair moves to New York, newlywed Jo must figure out how to cope without the thorn-in-her-side she learned to need. (Blair/Jo)

Like A Bad Movie -- The Facts Of Life
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Blair craved romance like she breathed air, and she was determined the make the best of things, because like it or not, she was stuck with Jo. There was simply no one else.
Follow up to 'Bright Lights' (Blair/Jo)


Over Again -- Los Hombres De Paco
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Prompt - LETTING GO - Sometimes the best way to let go is just to hold on)


Bleed Like Me -- Angel
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On Halloween night, Kate plays babysitter to an ailing Cordelia. (Angel/Cordelia)


ADDED 12/26/07

Tiny Tim -- Women's Murder Club
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If Cindy's Tiny Tim, two guesses who the Scrooge is. (Lindsay/Cindy)

Cuffed -- Women's Murder Club
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It's not exactly an equal relationship when someone can arrest you whenever you piss them off. (Lindsay/Cindy)

Impulsive -- Women's Murder Club
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When Jill told her she suspected that Cindy Thomas, the newest addition to their club that wasn't a club, had a crush on her, Lindsay told her she was insane. (Lindsay/Cindy)

The Napa Valley Inn -- Angel
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Only Angel would accidentally book his and Cordelia's romantic getaway at a haunted hotel. (Angel/Cordelia)

Hot Flash -- Facts of Life
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Intent is always easier than execution, Jo and Blair figure out, as they deal with the fact that having a baby may be more of a struggle than they had originally planned. Sequel to 'In A Family Way'(Jo/Blair)

ADDED 09/05/07

Just A Little Insight -- Popular
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multiparts -- It was the sharp realization, sitting at that dinner table, as soon as Harrison had chosen her and Sam's eyes welled up with tears, that for all her protestations of sisterly love to the world about Sam, she was incredibly, hopelessly, desperately, IN love with her. There was enough difference in that statement to completely destroy any sense of stability she had.

When Blair Warner met Joanne Jefferson – and Joanna Marie Polniaczek Went Insane. -- Facts of Life/RENT crossover
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Blair has made the perfect friend in the law program: she's bright, attractive, and from a very affluent family. So what does it matter that she's gay and appears to have a crush on Blair? That's just good taste is all. Meanwhile, Jo's head proceeds to explode. -- PRE-RENT

In a Family Way -- Facts of Life
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When Blair's biological clock starts ticking, Jo has to confront her own insecurities about starting a family with the heiress.

ADDED 12/29/06

Fantasy Girl -- The 4400
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The one fantasy Heather wants most, Alana can't create

All Wet -- Rent (movie)
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multiparts -- Joanne Jefferson's defined, in control life is turned upside down when she comes across one Maureen Johnson. PRE-RENT

ADDED 05/29/06

The Only Gift That I Need - All My Children
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 Bianca's plans for a perfect first Christmas in Paris with Maggie are thwarted a surprise visit home, and the return of some old ghosts.

A Little Respect- All My Children
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Pursuing a relationship with Aiden after discovering Bianca in bed with Babe, Maggie begins to question even her own self worth when she finds herself delving deeper into a baby kidnapping mystery, and an intense love triangle.

A Pragmatic's Approach to Falling In Love - Bad Girls
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Missing Scene- After quitting Larkhall, Helen's got some thinking to do.