The Only Gift That I Need
By Misty Flores

Fandom: All My Children
Pairing/characters: Bianca/Maggie
Rating: Hard R - maybe NC-17
Summary: Bianca's plans for a perfect first Christmas in Paris with Maggie are thwarted a surprise visit home, and the return of some old ghosts.



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You'll be leavin’ for the winter
but I'll concede that it’s true
It’s the right thing for you
but it’s tough to be moved with the holiday spirit
And to tell you the truth
I had big plans for Christmas and high hopes for you

I want you here by my side
Cold nights and fires and white wine
And dreams of holidays to come
But I’ll wait for spring to bring you to me
The only gift that I need

I’ll be living off your phone calls and your letters and your postcards
Every single word is like a secret wish come true
Well, who cares if we’re apart for the big days
It’s the small ones that made me fall in love with you

I want you here by my side
Cold nights and fires and white wine
And dreams of holidays to come
But I’ll wait for spring to bring you to me
The only gift that I need
- The Only Gift That I Need - Dashboard Confessional


There wasn't much that was frustrating about dating what had to be the richest, hottest 21-year-old in France.

Still, Maggie thought as she trudged through the bitterly cold streets leading up to her home, weaving after yet another Christmas tree and through the crowds, shopping for the daughter of Erica Kane had to be her own personal definition of hell.

Maggie Stone shivered in the cold, pulling off her gloves as she smiled at the doorman, replying to his welcome in her cheery, albeit slightly choppy French. She was getting better at it, damn near fluent, and even the door man seemed proud of her, mustache curling up with his lips as he bowed. The rush of heat from the climate controlled lobby of the extravagant residential building made her tingle.

"Any luck, Ms. Stone?" he asked in English, eyebrow arching at the parcel she carried underneath her elbow.

Maggie wrinkled her nose, offering him a slight pout. "Tell me, David. What do you get the girls who have everything?"

He seemed to consider the statement, smirk deepening as crossed his arms and tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Pearl necklace?"

"Got them both," she replied flippantly. "Black and white. Long and short. Cut and Beaded."


"Queen cut, princess cut, all karats, including one in an extremely rare and beautiful soft pink."

His look grew mischievous. "Lingerie?" he asked, and a flush burned into her cheeks, making her roll her eyes, feeling suddenly twelve.

"That would be more for me, don't you think?" she asked, covering her face with her hand when he burst into laughter.

Yes. She was dating a girl. Yes, it still kinda surprised her, but in that good kinda way - when she woke up to see Bianca beside her and realized once again she was actually WITH her, with her.

"I see your point," he answered, pausing to open the door once again for another patron, bowing low as Madame Rosemarie smiled at them both and continued on her way with Fifi, the quintessential French poodle. Eyeing the animal, he quirked an eyebrow.

She shook her head morosely. "She said, and I quote 'Maggie, between me at work, and you at school, that dog will be more the au pair's than ours.'."

He sighed dramatically. "Ms. Stone, you are, as you American's like to say, 'Scrooged'."

The odd statement made her frown, as she shifted her parcel in her arms. "Scrooged? Bianca likes Christmas!"

He blinked, obviously confused at what had come out. "Yes, scroo..."

A wave of recognition hit her. "You mean screwed!" He blushed, gloved arm rising in defeat. She smiled, blowing on her chilled palms, shivering when the door opened again, and another blast of cold air hit her. "I think you might be right."

"I think you should get upstairs, Ms. Stone," he told her, noting her small body once again beginning to tremble. "And sleep on it."

Biting her lip, she sighed, relenting with a nod and a smile, leaning in the direction of the elevator. "Thanks anyway."

"Ms. Stone!" She paused, glancing back to the kind door man. "You know what I think is perfect for the girls who have everything?"

She waited, mouth tilting into a smile. "Tell me."

"A memory."

Huh. Pursing her lips, she considered the thought, before narrowing her eyes critically. "So do all Parisian doormen double as philosophers?"

"I am one of a kind, Ms. Stone."

"No fighting that. Good night, David." He waved kindly, and she smiled again, heading for the elevator, mulling the thought in her head.



Bianca bit back her smile, sitting back at the table, suddenly amused at her daughter's antics. Miranda had two volumes: loud and louder.

Arching her little brown head, Miranda raised her chubby fist at the television set, pointing at the white canvas the little cartoon dog was wading through.

"I know, honey!" she answered, smiling widely, trying to turn her attention back to the pasta clinging to the baby fork.

"I wanna go to the snow! Let's GO!" Already, Miranda was trying to get herself out of the chair, presumably to join the little dog in the cartoon snow drifts.

"Not now, baby!" Bianca reached forward, managing to sneak in a forkful into Miranda's babbling mouth as the baby squirmed. "No snow! We'll go see snow soon, I promise!"

Paris had no snow, it was something Bianca missed about Pine Valley. They had frigid winters and rainy days, but no snow. Then again, Paris had Maggie and Miranda in it, and in that, Bianca considered it a perfect trade.

But Miranda's yearning for real snow had given a nice sprinkling of an idea in her mind, and the more she thought about it, the more it made her smile.

"What do you think, Miranda?" she asked her baby girl. "About spending our first real Christmas in a beautiful cabin, with a roaring fire?"

Miranda eyed her oddly. "Snow?"

"With LOTS of snow," she promised. "And we'll make snowmen and snow angels and Maggie will take you sledding!"

Maggie was the crazier of the pair, Bianca reasoned to herself, as Miranda banged at her little table. It would be just like her to grab her daughter and go careening down the side of a mountain, risking life and limb.

Her girlfriend was such a boy sometimes.

Her girlfriend, Maggie. She was smiling like a loon, Bianca knew, but couldn't help herself. There had been so much heartbreak and heartache in her life, it was somehow still surreal to think that she and Maggie were finally going to be spending their first Christmas together as a couple, with Miranda, her own miracle baby girl.

Some how, she still couldn't quite believe they were really here, in love and happy, and raising her baby together in Europe, just like they had dreamt, it seemed like years ago.

"Mommy! Why are you crying!" Blinking away her sudden emotion, Bianca discovered her child genuinely distraught, tiny fingers reaching for her face, aiming for the droplets that suddenly appeared in her eyes.

"Oh, baby, it's okay! They're happy tears." Wiping at them hastily, she smiled, covering her daughter's hands in hers, pressing her lips to the little digits. "I promise."

Luckily, the door began to rattle, and Miranda, quickly distracted at her tiny age, promptly broke out into a wide, toothy grin, when a shivering form in an oversized coat nearly fell in through the door. "Honey, I'm home!"


Brunette hair flipping back, revealing sparkling eyes and a beautiful smile, Maggie grinned at the size of her little munchkin, and just the expression of affection was enough to make Bianca sigh, hand on her chin.

"Hiii, munchie!" Crossing the living room, Maggie curled into the chair, tickling the little girl mercilessly, while Miranda began to kick in protest, giggling hysterically.


"Oh, you love it!" Maggie growled, plastering a kiss against her cheek and ear, finally lifting her gaze to meet Bianca's, still wrestling with her baby girl. "Hey."

"Hi," she answered quietly, waiting out her turn, as Maggie gave the baby another squeeze and finally came around.

Her greeting was softer, more gentle, as she wrapped fingers around the slim neck and lifted her head up, welcoming the kiss with a smile and a sigh, managing a giggle of her own when Maggie took the opportunity to deepen it, tongue darting inside, sliding against hers, pressing harder.

She felt the rush of heat, and pulled away dutifully, cheeks flushing as she arched an eyebrow at the watching baby. Maggie only grinned. "Nice day?" Bianca asked dryly.

"Look what I got," Maggie responded, plopping in beside her, dropping the brown parcel she carried on the table in front of her.


Maggie looked like a kid, ripping into the package. Smiling proudly, she held up her purchase with a wicked grin.

Bianca narrowed her eyes, amusingly befuddled. "You got an old shoe."

Maggie rolled her eyes, holding up the large slipper, decorated with beads and glitter. "It's not just any old shoe. It's Miranda's old shoe."

Bianca pursed her lips, only confused further. "Maggie, I know she's growing fast, but she'll be thirty before she fits into that."

"No, dummy! It's her stocking!"

"No, it's a shoe."

"Bianca!" Plopping it on the table, Maggie looked almost irritated. "You're in France, and you know nothing about the culture! They don't have stockings here. They have shoes."

She smiled, familiar with the tradition of leaving them under the tree. "So you went and got the biggest one you could find, is that it?"

Already waving it at Miranda, Maggie shot her a look. "Just be glad I didn't go with my first instinct and get her a big ole' honking snow boot, okay?"

The glimmer of her plans twinged her heart in reaction. "Well, maybe that would have been better."

Maggie arched an eyebrow. "I don't think even she could eat that much candy, Binks."

"Not what I mean."

"What do you mean?"

She only smiled secretly, watching as Miranda reached for the old shoe, waving it around and nearly whacking Maggie on the head with it. "You'll see."


Her lover curled into her side, head just under her chin, arm splayed across her chest. Delicate fingers played with her hair, and Maggie's eyes fluttered closed in reaction. Smoothing her hand alongside the forearm across her, she shifted, pressing a kiss against the soft velvety skin of Bianca's forehead, breathing in the perfumed smell of Bianca's silk mane.

She knew she was tiny. That it must have looked ridiculous, for Bianca to be cradled into her, instead of the other way around. But Maggie loved it. She loved this feeling, holding Bianca so intimately. She had cherished it the way she had cherished it years ago, when she had wanted nothing more than to hold Bianca and make all the pain go away, and Bianca had given her the most precious gift, simply by letting her.

"Hey, Bianca?"

"Yeah," she heard, felt the soft whisper of breath against her throat.

"What do you want for Christmas?"

It was a simple, straight forward answer, and of course, Bianca had to be difficult about it.

"I have everything I want," she answered, a beat later, squeezing Maggie's shoulder for emphasis.

Maggie's head fell back against the pillow, not pleased. "That's helpful, thanks."

"I'm serious."

"Well, me too!" Shifting slightly, Maggie faced Bianca, staring into the beautiful face, illuminated by the beams of moonlight, creeping in from the window. "I'm utterly clueless, Bianca, and I've wracked my brain, and for the life of me, I can't think of a damn thing." Sighing, she shrugged. "This used to be easier."

Bianca bit her lip, contemplating the thought. "It does seem kinda different, doesn't it?"

Their eyes met in mutual recognition, and Maggie smiled weakly, when Bianca's palm drifted to her cheek, caressing the skin with a gentle motion.

"Maggie, I am serious. There was only one thing I wanted after I got my daughter back, and that was you."

She sighed raggedly in response, glancing away from the sincerity in Bianca's face, somehow so overwhelmed she couldn't quite face the truth of it directly. It couldn't have been that easy, or simple, or true. Not for her.

"How about a watch? Do you like watches?"


"I know!" she grumbled, covering her face when Bianca suddenly swatted her with a pillow. "Oww," she added, muffled against the soft downy fabric.

"You know what I want?"

Dragging the pillow from her face, Maggie waited, watching with narrowed eyes, as Bianca draped her leg over her thighs, straddling her, hands coming to rest on either side of her hips.

"Is this going to get kinky?" she asked. "Cause I’m kinda okay with that."

Bianca blushed, rolling her eyes. "I want us to go away for Christmas," she said, ignoring the lecherous look.

That was unexpected. Propping herself up on her elbows, Maggie regarded her lover. "What?"

"They rent these beautiful cabins, Maggie, in the countryside. And Miranda wants to see the snow so badly, and I was just thinking... cold nights... fires... white wine..." she smiled in that beautiful Bianca way, a nervous, crooked grin that always lit up Maggie's soul.

"So this IS going to get kinky." Bianca snorted, smacking at Maggie's shoulder.

"Seriously, what do you think?"

Maggie looked up into the beautiful face she had loved for eternity. "I think it's perfect, of course. School's a little crazy, but-"

"We won't be gone for that long," Bianca promised, eyes lighting up with excitement, hands pressing on Maggie's shoulders, forcing her back onto the bed with a sudden 'oomph'. "Maggie, it'll be perfect, I promise."

"Okay, but-" Bianca's lips covered hers, an excited kiss. "Bianca-" Another one, longer.

"That's the only gift that I need, Maggie," Bianca told her, settling into her body, warmth settling against her as her lover sank deeply into her mouth, cutting off any protest Maggie could have made.

Maggie really was notoriously easy, and she knew Bianca knew it. Luxurious amounts of time were dedicated to kissing, as Bianca's heat pressed into her hips and her breasts teased her own, lips sliding against hers, moaning into the embrace.

Bianca dominated her, and Maggie let it happen, content simply to follow her lover's lead, as Bianca took her time, tongue teasing her lower lip before venturing inside, swiping against her own, mouth clinging to hers.

When Bianca made to pull away, Maggie's hands buried deeper into her nape, not allowing her to escape. She felt the smile against her lips, and the rush of arousal made her shiver when Bianca chuckled throatily and sucked her tongue into her mouth, settling fully on top of her, hands reaching down to curve over her ass, pull at her thighs, until Bianca slid between them.

As her lover moved, a gentle thrust, Maggie broke the kiss with a gasp, a short breath that came with the spike of heat, Bianca's lower body connecting intimately with hers, intense despite the layers of clothing between them.

Staring into impossibly dark eyes, she reveled in the feeling, curving her palm around to slide against a full breast, as Bianca's hips moved again, grinding into her.

"Oh God," she whispered, and lips crashed into hers. Suddenly desperate, she tugged at Bianca's shirt, dragging fingers underneath it to spread over the smooth skin of Bianca's back, as her lover fumbled with her shorts, jerking awkwardly to move them over her hips and ass. Moaning into her mouth, Maggie arched her hips, feeling the fabric give, and immediately curved into Bianca's yoga pants, shoving down as fast as she could, kicking at her own, trying to get them past her knees, furiously unwilling to surrender Bianca's mouth.

With a growl of frustration, Bianca's hands suddenly grabbed her own, holding her still to plunder her mouth, tongue mating with her own with a wicked intensity, before breaking away to peel off her own top. She tugged at hers, jerking it over her head, rising up with Bianca as her girlfriend rolled away to slide her sagging pants over her knees.

Using her girlfriend's own momentum, Maggie pushed forward, smiled triumphantly when Bianca blinked up at her in surprise, as if unsure how she had ended up on bottom.

Hands pressed into the mattress on either side of her lover's head, Maggie only eyed her, deliberately assuming Bianca's previous position, naked thighs straddling Bianca's hips.

She could hear Bianca's breath in excited pants, chest rising up and down, nipples teasing her own, erect and proud. There was only the whisper of breath, the smell of their arousal, the promise of sex.

When Bianca reached up to kiss her, Maggie lifted back, just enough not to make contact. Bianca blinked, mouth open with want, frustration visible in her face. At the questioning, slightly angry look, Maggie only grinned, as she leaned down, deliberately avoiding Bianca's mouth to plant a kiss on her chin, then lower still, on the gloriously slender neck, hands fumbling for Bianca's, tangling fingers to keep them against the mattress.

"Maggie..." A tortured sigh.

"Shhh," she mumbled, lost in the expanse of naked skin, tongue swirling against the salty taste of her lover, sucking gently on the protrusion of her collarbone and then further still, nuzzling into the swell of flesh underneath.

"Oh, God..."

Bianca's body arched beneath her, shifting in silent plea, and Maggie smiled into the skin, accepting the breast presented before her with a grateful moan, sliding her lips hotly over the dark nipple, flicking it with her tongue, gently worrying it.

Long moments were spent on lavishing Bianca's perfect breast with the attention it deserved, and her girlfriend underneath her squirmed helplessly, fingers gripping Maggie's so hard, they ached in a painful, arousing way.

Short of breath, Maggie, closed her eyes and sucked in a lungful of air, sweaty with her excitement, waiting only a moment before she drifted down further, sliding her cheek and lips across the flat abdomen, the smell of Bianca's need beckoning her like a drug.

"I love you," she mumbled into the skin, as Bianca's thighs parted wider without urging, hands gripping hers tightening even more, before Maggie sank deeper into her lover's body, heart pounding in her chest, suddenly trembling with emotion as she glanced up and discovered Bianca, watching with her coal black eyes, dizzy with lust and love.

For her.

Maggie shuddered and without warning slid into the drenched, soft folds of her lover, burying her mouth into her lover's most intimate place, tongue sweeping against her.

Bianca cried out, her hips jerked, and it only spurred her on further, drunk on the physical taste of her partner's devotion.

Shaking free her left hand, she opened her wider, sinking her fingers into Bianca, thrusting deeply, murmuring against that hard bundle of nerves. The hand that was still captive ached with Bianca's grip, and Maggie didn't let go, not as Bianca's hips moved against her, not as Maggie fucked her in that perfect rhythm that she let her lover dictate.

One beautiful leg over her shoulder, she only sank in deeper, felt the trembles and shuddered with her own flash of heat, lost in the taste as she was swallowed whole in the sweetness of the love she made to Bianca.

Thighs trembled against her cheeks, and suddenly the fingers tangled in hers were pulling, up, until perfect lips were kissing hers harshly, tongue plunging into her mouth, as if Bianca was trying to relive the intimacy by trying to taste it.

The fingers finally untangled only to bury into the gorgeous brown locks, as Bianca's forehead tilted against hers, and Maggie's world nearly imploded, as deliberately, Bianca slid her hand down her body, and thrust deeply inside her.


end chapter

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