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How to Date a Beautiful Woman
(in less than one week!)

by Misty Flores -

Teaser: Lorne has his hands full when three men who love three brunettes reveal three stories that meld surprisingly - and the three brunettes go missing.
Genre: Angel: The Series, Comedy/Romance/Action
Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Gunn/Fred, Wesley/Faith
Rating: R for sexual situations
Notes: Okay, I feel I had to make this clear. I wrote the majority of this story (i.e. the first twelve chapters) BEFORE Birthday and Provider aired. I can prove it. With umů friends? I just felt like I had to point that out.
Spoilers: Speculation for Birthday. The one major difference? Cordelia was NOT changed to a half demon. This does NOT mean that she won't in this story line, just hasn't been changed YET. The only reason for this difference, is quite simply, I had NO idea they were going to do that, and my story was left, poor thing, with no half demon Cordy.
Special Thanks to: Vanessa, and her beautiful beta reading abilities.


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