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Before the Crossover - Angel

The Law of Possession by Misty
Genre: Cordelia/Angel
Rating : PG-13
Spoilers : Belonging
Teaser : Cordelia contemplates on the ephiphany in her own life

Moments Like These by Misty
Genre: Cordelia/Angel
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Belonging
Teaser : Angel shares more than a dance with Cordelia as he contemplates on the nature of his relationship with her.

One Night by Misty
Genre: Cordelia/Angel
Rating : R
Spoilers: There's No Place like Plz Grb
Teaser : Cordelia and Angel receive a gift from the PTB, but is it a blessing, or can it be a curse in disguise?

Before the Crossover - X-Men

Bright Eyes by Misty Floers

In Progress: In one instant, innocence has been stripped away, and everyone must deal with the aftermath.

The Crossover Begins

First Night by Misty
Teaser: When Cordelia and Rogue are whisked away by the Brotherhood, who are once again intent on 'saving' the mutant kind, Angel Investigations and the X-Men must team up to save them, and yes, the world. Again.
Rating: R for sexual situations, and violence
Genre: Angel/Cordelia, Rogue/Logan - Jean, Storm, Wesley, Gunn, Fred - ensemble

Genre: Cordelia/Angel
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Series spoilers
Teaser: It's just touch. But it's more.

Tea Paradox by Shana Nolan
Genre: ensemble
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Series Spoilers
Teaser: A vacation/training mission at Angel Investigations becomes a walk down memory lane for Jean. During pregnancy scares, emphatic visions, and an upcoming riots, the good doctor has her hands full.

Streaked by Misty
In Progress: Assigned on a covert away mission, Angel-X team leader Cordelia Chase has no choice but to work with tempermental X-Men Rogue, despite unresolved issues and tensions. What should have been a simple recruiting mission becomes much more when a device is revealed that will suppress mutant powers for good. Trapped, without Angel Investigations, the X-Men, or even Cerebro to guide them, Rogue and Cordelia must make the final choice for the good of all mutants - to allow the device to be used, or to attempt to destroy it forever, at the cost of their own lives. Chase has never stood alone, and now she must, when an increasingly unstable Rogue takes her own stand, and it's against her.

There Goes The World by Misty

In Progress: 

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