by Melissa Flores

It's the moments that make up the pivotal point on our life, it's the moments that make us who we are, and it's the moments that take Gabrielle and Joxer's relationship to each level: from friends, to lovers, to husband and wife, to parents.

She's In Love with the Boy
When Joxer catches up with Xena and Gabrielle on the Nile, he joins them on their journey down into the heart of Africa, and finds Gabrielle more cranky than ever. Xena's fed up, and when she lets Gabrielle have it, some truths are told that leave poor Gabrielle shocked.

Coming To Terms
Musing over her new feelings for Joxer, Gabrielle's revelation is put on hold when they meet up with a tribe and she is mistaken for a Sun Goddess, and Xena and Joxer as her priests. Things go horribly wrong, and when Gabrielle and Joxer face death again, will she finally muster the courage to admit to what she thinks she knows?

The In Between Girl
Gabrielle's admissions didn't go as well as they could have, and now Xena's stuck with two exasperated friends, a missing Argo, and a sick Eve. What's a Warrior Princess to do? Sit everyone down for a nice, short, and brusque little chat.

Here Comes the Rain Again
Trying to adjust to their new couplyness, Joxer and Gabrielle get caught in the rain, and in effort to lift his girlfriend's spirits, Joxer does some dancing in the rain, much to Gabrielle's delight, which leads to ... other stuff...

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
Gabrielle has a moment of doubt, and severely hurts her blossoming relationship with Joxer, and finding the words to make peace, may just be the hardest thing she's ever done.

A Visit to Mother's
Xena waits for Gabrielle and Joxer, and goes a bit stir crazy. Not a problem! Xena's Mother has come up with a perfect diversion: man hunting!

All About Eve
When Joxer is left in charge of Eve as Xena and Gabs go to do the hero thing, it's discovered by Herc, Iolaus and Auto that Joxer is Gabrielle's now full-time lover, there's shock had by all. Joxer agrees to tell them the story, at a price: babysitting Evie, a task that's just as daunting to the jealous Iolaus as it is to the hero Herc, who finally gets what Xena needs.

Birthday Blues
It's Joxer's birthday, he's down,  and Gabrielle is at her wits end trying to think up something "special" for her clumsy lover. No worries, Aphrodite is here to help... or hurt... as Gabrielle soon discovers.

Family Matters
Holed up in Jace's house, trying to avoid the latest threat against Eve, Xena discovers it's a circus, and soon discovers why, as she meets up with the irrestible con man who still appears to have a soft spot for her, and a con for Jace.

Kiss and Make Up
Frustrated with the threats against her friends, Dite decides to take matters into her own hands before things get any worse, and finds that a Goddess sure has her hands full trying to keep her family from killing one little baby, and discovers the key to their peace may lie in the most unassuming of the bunch, her own Joxie's future.

The Great Heist
When Autocolyus catches up with Joxer and convinces him to ask Gabrielle to marry him, the pair decides that the bard deserves only the best engagement ring; the ring of Anio, a great Spanish Duke. But getting it is the hardest thing, and to do it, they'll need one very special goddess, Aphrodite, herself.

Gabrielle discovers she's pregnant, and with it, the reality of her relationship with Joxer. But unknown to her, Joxer is planning his own surprise, proving that their relationship is ready for a child, and much more than that.

The Harem of Xena
Xena's got her hands full when Auto, Hercules and Ares all meet up with her at Gabs and Joxer's engagement party, proposing to have exactly what she needs. What the warrior Princess needs is some time alone, something none of them are ready to give her, until she makes a choice. Stealing away, she encounters another would be suitor, who feels he can't compete, and who she feels may just be the one,  Rafe.

Mama, He's Crazy
It's time to go home, and Gabrielle has her hands full when the plans for the wedding begin and the family is shocked to learn that she's NOT settling down, and neither is Joxer. The Love Goddess steps in,and things get a bit crazier.

A Moment in Time
Joxer and Xena have to deal with their biggest challenge yet; a pregnant Gabrielle.