Alias Fan Fiction

It Lies In Weakness
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Genre: Alias, Irina/SpyFamily
Spoilers: SIII
Teaser:  No one could truly understand why the devil in angel's clothing, suddenly became a guardian angel in Lucifer's guise. When questioned in the aftermath, Jack Bristow's only explanation was a clipped, 'Never underestimate the love for a daughter'.

Nothing to Write Home About, the Series
Rating: R-NC-17
Genre: Alias/LWord. Sydney/Vaughn, Sydney/Other, Weiss/Toni, Weiss/Other, Jack/Irina, Derevko Family
Spoilers: SIII
Teaser: A thirty-two story plus crossover series. Sydney Bristow never imagined family was as close as West Hollywood.