All My Children Fan Fiction

Title: A Little Respect
Genre: Novel length, Bianca/Maggie, Maggie/Aiden, Bianca/Lena
Rating: NC-17
Teaser: Pursuing a relationship with Aiden after discovering Bianca in bed with Babe, Maggie begins to question even her own self worth when she finds herself delving deeper into a baby kidnapping mystery, and an intense love triangle.

Title: The Arrangement
Genre: Bianca/Maggie
Rating: NC-17
Teaser: Paris is for Lovers - a year after Maggie and Bianca get there, they finally figure that out. One Shot

Title: Bad Habit
Series: Nothing To Write  Home About
Genre: Crossover, Bianca/Maggie, Sydney/Shane, Marina/Lena
Rating: R
Teaser: Already tangled in the litter of her own lovelife, Sydney finds herself even more conflicted when Marina asks for help in finding a baby kidnapped from a rich heiress and her sexually confused partner.

Title: The Only Gift That I Need
Genre: Bianca/Maggie
Rating: NC-17
Teaser: Bianca's plans for a perfect first Christmas in Paris with Maggie are thwarted a surprise visit home, and the return of some old ghosts.

Title: Merry Christmas (I Could Care Less)
Genre: Bianca/Maggie, Bianca/Lena
Rating: R
Teaser: Maggie, the former love-of-her-life, the one who Bianca had wanted to marry, the one that had cheated on her and ruined everything, the one Bianca was still desperately in love with (and becoming increasingly bitter about it), was currently in an expensive suite with her daughter and her live-in lover, Bianca's ex of all people, having a perfectly cozy romantic evening. Merry F-king Christmas.

Title: Best Friends Mean You Get What You Deserve
Genre: Bianca/Maggie
Rating: NC-17
Teaser: One important lesson: it is easy, devastatingly easy; to hurt the one you love the most.