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The Tainted Love Series - (eight pieces)
an Angel/Cordelia/Xander/Buffy/Doyle series started and written mostly before the series even aired. Pure speculation, this series was spawned on a cordelia/xander list, and was predominately responsible for converting me to Angel/Cordelia. People like it.

World's Apart - Cordelia/Spike (four pieces)
A four piece series that would have been more, had I had maybe kept watching Buffy. Cordelia and Spike have a chance to comismerate, and find out they've got more in common than they've imagined. Set during fourth season Buffy, first season Angel.

The Dark Midnight Series (multi author calaboration)
Part a huge series (well, that's the idea, anyway), the Dark Midnight is a crossover series that integrates both the worlds of X-Men: the movie, and Angel: The Series. Characters interact, worlds almost end, and it gets soapy for a while, but hope survives.

Standalones can range from small ten pagers to 200 page epics. They have their own pages to help you wade through them all.

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Every Angel piece, alphebetized by title, written by Misty Flores.