The L Word Fan Fiction

A Peculiar Confidence
Rating: R
Genre: Marina/Jenny, Shane/Alice, Shane/Marina
Spoilers: SI
Teaser: Trust and confidence come from the most unlikely places..

Rating: R
Genre: Marina/Jenny.
Spoilers: SI
Teaser: A window into Marina

Nothing to Write Home About, the Series
Rating: R-NC-17
Genre: Alias/LWord.
Pairing:  Shane/Other, Marina/Francesca, Marina/Jenny, Alice/Dana, Bette/Tina
Spoilers: SI
Teaser: A thirty-two story plus crossover series. Sydney Bristow never imagined family was as close as West Hollywood.

Rating: R
Genre: Marina/Robin, Marina/Jenny implied.
Spoilers: S1
Teaser: Misery is what led Robin to Marina's hospital room. What will keep her there, is something else entirely.