Star Trek: Voyager Fan Fiction

The Ghost Story Trilogy

Part One: Till Death Do Us Part
K/T, P/T, K/7 (sort of)
A tragic accident has let Harry Kim dead, and his family desolate. But little Annika refuses to give up hope that her father is gone forever, and B'Elanna must deal with a grief that she has never before faced.

Part Two: As Long As I Live
K/T, P/T
Harry's back, but he finds that life is not so rosy as he thought he it would be. Annika struggles to understand her mother's confusion and B'Elanna tries to figure out what's wrong in her heart. 

Part Three: In a Heartbeat
K/T, P/7
 Harry and B'Elanna begin to discover that some of that old magic might still be there, but unexpected complications caused them to do some serious thinking. Seven and Tom discover what true friendship means, Annika struggles to find what everyone is hiding from her, and B'Elanna makes a descision that causes a rift and her and Harry's relationship, and it's all for love.