Underworld Fan Fiction

Rating; PG-13
Teaser: It was a carousel. Set apart after centuries, in order to come full circle. A chance for happiness that Sonja and I never had. It was a different time, a different place, and yet this carousel continued to move, swirling through time, resting to come full circle at this.

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Underworld, Michael/Selene
Teaser: He would not spend the rest of his life trying to desperately remember exactly what color Selene's eyes were - he would stare into them instead.
Note: another coda in my series of shorts. Previous outings include 'Linger' and 'Human Frailty

Human Frailty
Rating: R for sexual situations
Genre: Underworld, Micheal/Selene
Teaser: Despite his change - Michael's still deceptively human.

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Underworld, Micheal/Selene
Teaser: They spoke little, she and her beast - the thing she herself had created when she had shattered her world and everything that had meant anything to her. He was lost beside her, powerful and unique, unsure and weak, a faithful dog trailing after his new master. And still, he clutched the chain.

Saving Michael
Rating: R
Genre: Underworld, Micheal/Selene
Teaser:Selene has been saving Michael from the first moment they met.