Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction

The Consort
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle, novella
Rating: R
When Gabrielle and Xena return from Egypt, they discover their best friend accused of a crime he didn't commit, and the Northern Amazon tribe on the brink of civil war. Now, Xena must stop a nation from tearing itself apart, and her best friends from going down with it.

If I Could Find the Words
WINNER: Golden Quill Awards: Best Novella
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle, Ares/Gabrielle and Xena/Ares implied
Rating: R for violence
Gabrielle is forced to undergo a personal inner journey when her changing relationships with Joxer, Xena, herself and the Gods come to head.

He's All That
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle, Xena/Rafe
Rating: PG-13
When Gabrielle goes for a harried, long overdue visit to the family, Xena decides to spend some quality time with Joxer by giving him a makeover ALA the Warrior Princess.  But she may have succeeded a little too well, as a confused Gabrielle  discovers when she returns from her trip to find a changed Joxer and an unwelcome surprise.

The Fool
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle, Joxer/Lila implied
Gabrielle comes home, and Lila must force herself to deal with what her sister has become, and what she hasn't.

Kung-Fu Fighting
Genre: Gabrielle/Joxer
Rating: PG-13
Teaser: A stay in Chin proves enlightening when Joxer discovers the martial arts, and Gabrielle and Xena make some hard decisions. For the 2002 Lyrics Challenge on the GJRS mailing list.

The Other Foot
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle, Joxer/Other
Rating: PG-13
Gabrielle realizes the extent of her feelings for Joxer, just as he begins to let go, and a young Amazon in exile sees in Joxer what Gabrielle hid from herself for so long. 


  Other Pairings

Genre: Ares/Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13
Caught in a seductive game of cat and mouse, Gabrielle must come to terms with her hidden desires, and her secret passion for the one thing she should hate.

The Most Impossible Thing
Genre: Gabrielle/Joxer, Xena/Joxer
Rating : PG-13
Gabrielle's gets thrown when a spell makes Joxer fall for Xena, and it's not as horrible as one would think.

Nothing Else Matters
Summary : Alone, and desolate, Aphrodite descends into the underworld to pick out another diamond in the rough, a companion, and a hope for the future.
Genre: Gabrielle/Joxer, Aphrodite
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Motherhood, Season Five 


A Moment In Time:
a Joxer/Gabrielle, cast ensemble series

She's In Love With the Boy
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13
When Joxer catches up with Xena and Gabrielle on the Nile, he joins them on their journey down into the heart of Africa, and finds Gabrielle more cranky than ever. Xena's fed up, and when she lets Gabrielle have it, some truths are told that leave poor Gabrielle shocked.

Coming to Terms
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13
Musing over her new feelings for Joxer, Gabrielle's revelation is put on hold when they meet up with a tribe and she is mistaken for a Sun Goddess. Things go horribly wrong, and when Gabrielle and Joxer face death again, will she finally muster the courage to admit to what she thinks she knows?

The In Between Girl
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13
Gabrielle's revelations didn't go as well as it could have, and now Xena's stuck with two exasperated friends, a missing Argo, and a sick Eve. What's a Warrior Princess to do? Sit everyone down for a nice, short, and brusque little chat.

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13
Gabrielle has a moment of doubt, and severely hurts her blossoming relationship with Joxer, and finding the words to make peace, may just be the hardest thing she's ever done.

All About Eve
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13
When Joxer is left in charge of Eve as Xena and Gabs go to do the hero thing, it's discovered by Herc, Iolaus and Auto that Joxer is Gabrielle's now full-time lover, there's shock had by all.

Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle, mild Auto/Xena
Rating: PG-13
Gabrielle discovers she's pregnant, and with it, the reality of her relationship with Joxer. But unknown to her, Joxer is planning his own surprise, proving that their relationship is ready for a child, and much more than that.

A Moment in Time
Genre: Joxer/Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13
Joxer and Xena have to deal with their biggest challenge yet; a pregnant Gabrielle.