Welcome to the home of 'Nothing to Write Home About', an Alias/The L Word crossover series by Misty Flores (mistiec_flores@yahoo.com).

CIA agent Sydney Bristow's life has never been simple - but it's about to become a heck of a lot more complicated. Already dealing with a ruthless CIA agent for a father, an ex-KGB agent on the run as a mother, and a devious aunt who may or may not be on her side, she has just about as much family as she can handle. The discovery of Marina Ferrer, a former thief living incognito in West Hollywood as a cafe owner, has proven both a blessing and a curse, because Marina is actually Marina Derevko, her cousin.

Getting to know her cousin will challenge Sydney like she hasn't before, as both she and her cousin become intricitally involved in each other's lives, dealing with not only spies, but lesbians, kidnappings, outtings, lies and much more. As the cousins grow closer, they discover that even with their tremendously different backgrounds, when it comes to matters of the heart, they both have a lot to learn.

Started as just a 'what-if' that suddenly became a monster, Nothing to Write Home About has garnered a tremendous amount of support, despite the (admittedly) semi-ludicrious premise.

Fandoms Included So Far: 
Alias, The L Word, Smallville, Young Americans, All My Children

Story Last Added to the Archive: Bad Habit
Already tangled in the litter of her own lovelife, Sydney finds herself even more conflicted when Marina asks for help in finding a baby kidnapped from a rich heiress and her sexually confused partner

Next Up: My Girlfriend, The Hero
When Jenny and Marina head to Las Vegas for a much needed R&R after yet another too long absense by Marina, it seems they'll finally have time for themselves. But when Marina is recognized by Terry Benedict and blackmailed to help nail a former partner, Danny Ocean, it's up to Jenny to pull every card she has to save her girlfriend from losing her cover, and her life.